Walkin on a Wire

1999Walking on a Wire

In 1999 Sjaak De Bruijn approached me once again. He had landed a new job as the head of A&R for Gold Circle Entertainment in Europe. They were putting together a record label and he graciously thought of me. He asked what I was up to and when I explained that I had not recorded any solo vocal material in quite a while he remembered the “Harry” record that was unreleased. His idea was to put together selections from this and what he considered the best of the “Clock and the Moon” material. He suggested calling the album “Walking on a Wire.” As I was now running Blue Microphones and had little time to start recording again, I agreed to break up the Harry record and remix a few songs for this release.


One of the most wonderful moments was the album artwork. I was in the process of finishing the building of my home in the Santa Monica mountains, when Ken Niles came up with the idea of the tightrope walker for the cover. We set up in the empty living room of our soon to be new house, with me dressed up in a long black coat with a bowler hat on. I was standing on a ladder, which Ken digitally removed.


The CD was released accompanied by a re-released single of “Standing Outside in the Rain, ”backed by “I Want To Be With You. The album at last enabled the release of most of my “Harry” session recordings, and I was very pleased with this.