Moving On

2015Moving On

I have been happily married to my loving wife Sharon for many years now with three daughters, Jessica, Julia and Jacquelyn who we adore.  Some of you who are parents know that you have a small window of opportunity to spend time with your children before they move on. Blue Microphones had created a life that was helpful for me to be at home as I did not need to travel, as musicians are quite often required to do.


Designing and building a microphone is not that different than that of making an album. I always look for an approach that is unique to myself and the people I am working with and try to create personality and culture.


Do I miss music, of course, but I needed to get away from it for a while. Peter White described me as being burned out on the whole process. I agree with him partially. I had exhausted myself musically at that time in my life. I needed a new direction and was fortunate enough to have had Blue Microphones happening.


I have no grand illusion of falling back in time to where I once was in music, but I hope to find something new, inspiring and challenging to make a go at it. That process helps me move forward and find some peace with creative decisions. You cannot always count on success but you can enjoy what you do. I still write and record all the time, and plan to be more active in this area in the near future with releases of new material on this website.


Someone asked me do I regret any of the things that happened to me in the music industry. The answer is strong and clear, absolutely not! Music has provided me an invaluable education in humility and pride. I was able to travel the world, stay in gorgeous hotels, perform in front of hundreds of people on stage and TV, make videos and most of all create ever-lasting friendships. All this from eight musical notes.


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