A Word about Microphones

Building a microphone is like writing a song. You have an idea and direction and then you get started. Sometimes it happens very quickly, and other times you labor to get through it. I’ve found merit in both, but it all comes from the place where you have something to say…


Being Responsible for your Dreams

Looking back is tough for me. It has always appeared to be a paralyzing process; there is no forward movement. Even the best defensive teams in sports have to score at least a point to win the game, so the thought of reminiscing about my life goes against the grain…


Neat Microphones

After selling Blue Microphones in 2013, I wanted to take some time off and analyze what had transpired in the industry over the last few decades. While driving one night with Martins, he raised the question of “What’s next?”…


This is Life

Sometimes you’re filled with doubt, and everything still works out…


Stray Electrons

Together, we’re going to change the way people capture audio content and about how they think about recording. We’ll be designing products that sound (and look!) amazing, are easy to use, and work seamlessly across the wide variety of platforms and devices that shape the way we create and consume sound. I think it’ll be amazing, and I can’t wait for you to hear what I see. Stay tuned.