The Wave

In March of 1986 one of the most challenging and satisfying phases of my music career happened next. When the Wave format radio stations first debuted….


Polydor Japan

One unique opportunity in 1987 came from, of all places, a Sushi bar called Gemini that my wife Sharon and I frequented in Sherman Oaks. The owner was aware of my music on the radio….


Poem of the Five Mountains

Windows drummer Tim Timmermans and I went off into the little studio Ed and I had built, and recorded “Poems of the Five Mountains.” On this album, Tim and I played all the instruments….


Spencer Davis “Vibrate”

Next and the last from Munchkin Valley Productions came the Spencer Davis Group album “Vibrate.” I was introduced to Spencer by Steve Chapman, who was soon to become my manager.


Unreleased Albums

Ed Cohen and I always had some sort of recording studio. Our first was at his folks’ house in Benedict Canyon. This is where we recorded the early Windows records, “Poems of the Five Mountains,” and the first Peter White album, “Reveillez-Vous.”…