Last month I had the opportunity to visit Martins Saulespurens, my Blue Microphones co-founder and now the CTO with me here at Neat Microphones, at his home in Riga, Latvia. Martins travels between Latvia and Southern California several times a year, working on Neat’s line of microphones from both locations.

Martins has recently written and published a memoir of his life and career in the world of music and audio engineering titled, “Mikrofoni Un Maksla” (“Microphones and Art”), which features many stories and photos of people he has worked with, including myself, Blue/Neat Creative Director Ken Niles, and renowned Latvian painter Juris Dimiters, whose incredible surrealist artwork helped promote Blue as a brand and whose work continues to amaze to this day.

A launch party and book signing were held in a popular Riga art gallery and museum, with yours truly performing a few tunes in honor of Martins long career and our decades-old friendship . A good time (and many bottles of wine!) was had by all.