I distinctly remember making this album in our little studio where most of the Windows records were recorded, along with Peter White’s first album. Tim and I set up every musical instrument and all the percussion items we could find or borrow. We had most of Al Stewart’s and Peter White’s guitars and all of Ed Cohen’s keyboards from our contemporary Jazz group, Windows. 

We wrote and recorded this over a six week period, with Tim and I playing most of the instruments and Peter and Ed helping out. We then mixed the album with engineer Tom McCauley in a bigger studio in just one day.

It was initially released on vinyl on the Innovative Communications record label owned by Klaus Schulze (from Tangerine Dream). It was subsequently re-released on CD, but the last track, Poem of the Five Mountains, was omitted, as the new label, Higher Octave, deemed it to offbeat. It was replaced with the song, The Endless River.

Recently, I found a website that featured the Poems of the Five Mountains track. To be frank, I had completely forgotten about the song after all these years! I then looked through the master recordings I’ve archived, only to discover that a digital copy of the song does not exist, just the analogue tape. The only way to post this song would be to transfer it off the rare vinyl release. Sometime in the near future I will remaster this song digitally from the analog tape to share on this site. 

I have wonderful memories in creating this record with Tim, and it’s hard to believe that was 33 years ago.